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I build tools.

Tools make us happy.

I built

Have native Speakers review your sentences, in a short time, for only One Dollar.

... This afternoon when taking care of baby James, he had been crying the whole time. Holding him was hard, as he grows bigger and biggerkeeps getting bigger. I thought it's time to let him develop his own skills to sleepsleep habits...

Test Drive for Free.

I write slides by Mindmapping (with freemindlatex)

Focus on your ideas. Slides shall follow.
Install with pip install freemindlatex

Demo: while you work on the high-level structure, the slides generates itself.

I wrote a Correction Detector (on github)

Try correct the sentence below (Try another).

Now, what errors have been corrected? And how?

{{chunk[0]}} {{chunk[0]}} {{chunk[1]}} ({{chunk[2]}})

This software is useful to auto-complete language tutors' feedbacks to learner's writings. This helps to high-light changes, and provide rationales behind fixes. For a complete disccussion, please refer to our PAPER.

I wrote a Redundancy Detector (demo coming soon...)

Which word is the most redundant within a given sentence?

However, I believe that if GMF has a very bright future. The usage amount of chemical substances will be largely reduced. One major problem is that whether GM food will do harm to human bodies...

My program marks these words.

We should write concisely. But ... whenever we submit a paper, or write a tweet, redundant words sneak in. I have proposed computational measures for a word's redundancy, particularly designed for language learners. For a complete disccussion, please refer to our PAPER.

About Me (Resume)

我叫薛慧超 (I am Huichao Xue).
I currently work at LinkedIn (2017-now).
I used to work at Google (2014-2017).
I obtained my PhD at University of Pittsburgh (2008-2015).
I obtained my B.S. at Fudan University (2004-2008).

We want less work. We want more life. I enjoy building tools to make us productive at work. I've worked on:

During my PhD study, I was lucky to work with Dr. Rebecca Hwa on Grammatical Error Correction (GEC), a subarea of Natural Language Processing (NLP).


PhD Dissertation: Computational Models of Problems with Writing of English as a Second Language Learners [link] [slides]

Journal Articles

Conference Papers